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White Ice Bath Accessories

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    White Ice Bath Accessories

    White Ice checks off all the boxes...It's clean and minimal. It's modern and contemporary. It smart and tailored. Its neutral for all bathroom interiors. Hand built using best of class 3/8" Lucite.

    Please Allow 4 to 6 Weeks for Delivery. 

    Internationally recognized, Mike + Ally creates elegant items for royal palaces, boutique hotels, private yachts and fine residences. Their collections are displayed by the highest quality retailers and used by discerning decorators to coordinate with modern and refined bathroom interiors. 
    Country of Origin: Imported
    Material: Hand Fabricated Lucite
    Pump tops are available in gold or silver

    #31617 - Large Vanity Tray (10"W x 15"L x 1.75"H)
    #31623 - Brush Holder (3"W x 4.75"H)
    #31631 - Soap Dish (4.25"W x 5.5"L x 1.5"H)
    #31633 - Container with Lid (4"W x 5.25"H)
    #31635 - Flat Towel Holder/Vanity Tray (5.5"W x 9.75"L x 1.75"H)
    #31638 - Box Pump Dispenser (3"W x 6.75"H) 
    #31660 - Boutique Tissue Holder (5.75"W x 6.5"H)
    #31662 - Straight Wastebasket with Liner (7.5"W x 9"L x 11.25"H)
    #31671 - Round Tumbler (3"W x 4.5"H)

    What really is the difference between Acrylic and Lucite?

    In short- Acrylic is the form of the thermoplastic compound (PMMA) and Lucite is the premiere quality brand name. It's really about the assembly process. Hand-crafted Lucite is more time consuming and costly, but the difference in the quality is astounding. No relief marks or haze from the molds and joints are literally melted together by solvent gents. The result is crystal clear, non-yellowing, super resilient bath accessories.

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