The Scandia Home Down Difference

The Scandia Home Down Difference

At Scandia Home™ only the best will do. As proof of Scandia’s commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship, each offering filled with Scandia Down is hand-inspected and delivered with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. This important document insures that the item you have purchased meets their strictest factory specifications. We want you to be absolutely satisfied with the level of comfort you experience with your new Scandia Down Pillow or Comforter from the very beginning. We also want you to enjoy these premium quality products for a lifetime.

Complimentary New Pillow Adjustment
Scandia offers complimentary adjustments for any Scandia Down pillow within 60 days of its original purchase. We charge only for any additional down that may be added at that time. Any down removed during the adjustment process is returned to you. 

Complimentary New Comforter Adjustment
Scandia offers complimentary adjustments for any Scandia Down comforter within 60 days of original purchase. This adjustment is limited to adding more down1. We charge only for any additional down added at that time. We are unable to remove down from baffled comforters during the adjustment process. 
1 For this reason we encourage you to "go lightly" when selecting your Scandia Down comforter. A comforter can always be adjusted upward in weight, but never downward.

Return Policy: Scandia Down Products
Due to the personal nature of pillows and duvets, and in accordance with law, we do not accept returns on Down-Filled or Down-Free products, unless it is defective. Scandia Down filled products are covered under a Lifetime Warranty. Defects in the ticking (fabric) or workmanship (sewing) of Scandia Down and Down-Free filled products manufactured in our factory are warrantied for the lifetime of the original owner. See coverage details above. Custom items cannot be returned.

Scandia Down Lifetime Limited Warranty
The Scandia Down Warranty covers all defects in materials (other than the filling material) and craftsmanship on our down-filled and down-free™ comforters, pillows and foundations. If your Scandia Down item is found to be defective during the warranty coverage period because of defective craftsmanship or failure of the ticking, it will be repaired or replaced with an item of equal or greater value, at our discretion. Coverage extends to the original consumer from the date of purchase of this item or to the original gift recipient, from the date they receive the item. This warranty lasts for the lifetime of the original owner or recipient unless it becomes void, as described below. We do not cover consequential and incidental damages under this warranty. Also, use of the product over a period of years may diminish the loft of the filling material. This warranty does not extend to the filling material, either natural or man-made. Improper use or incorrectly performed cleaning will also void this warranty and end the warranty coverage. To ensure the warranty coverage continues, always keep the product in a protective covering during use. Also, when necessary or desirable, cleaning of your down-filled or down-free™ product should be performed by a professional cleaner experienced with these products. We recommend that you arrange for cleaning through us. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.