White Ice Bath Accessories

Mike + Ally

White Ice Bath Accessories
  • $312.50

White Ice Bath Accessories

White Ice bath accessories are made from high quality, thick, durable Lucite. Contemporary sleek design. Pump tops are available in gold or silver.


Box Pump Dispenser  3" Wide x 6.75" Tall
Boutique Tissue Holder  5.75" Wide x 6.5" Tall
Wastebasket (Includes PVC Liner)  7.5" Wide x 9" Long x 11.25" Tall
Round Tumbler  3" Wide x 4.5" Tall
Soap Dish  4.25" Wide x 5.5" Long x 1.5" Tall
Guest Towel Holder  5.5" Wide x 9.75" Long x 1.75" Tall
Brush Holder  3" Wide x 4.75" Tall
Container with Lid  4" Wide x 5.25" Tall

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