Baudelaire Linden Kitchen Caddy

Linden Kitchen Caddy



    Linden Kitchen Caddy

    The new Baudelaire Linden Kitchen Caddy will take any kitchen or bath up a notch or two in the elegance and convenience departments. Way heftier than common competitive caddies, it's designed specifically for our bestselling 16.9 oz Liquid Soap and 10.2 oz Lotions. With its heavy-gauge black wire, powder-y finish and decorative ribbon, it's an ideal present to give yourself or anybody you know with a kitchen!

    Country of Origin:  Made in France

    Liquid Soap Pump:  500ml / 16.9 fl oz.

    Lotion Pump:  300ml / 10.2 fl oz.

    Linden Scent:  The soft, sweet fragrance of flowers from the linden (a.k.a. basswood) tree is enhanced with traces of violet and honey.


    *This is a natural product, and so the colors may vary. Please contact Customer Service for more details.

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