Agraria Lavender Rosemary TasselAire

Lavender & Rosemary TasselAire



Lavender & Rosemary TasselAire

Experience the scent of a unique and deeply aromatic blend of French Lavender with Italian Rosemary, enriched with Bergamont zest and English Amber.


Agraria's unique perfumed tassels can be used in every room of your home to add elegance and an unexpected wisp of fragrance. TasselAire™ are perfect for hanging on a doorknob, closet hook or an armoire key. Incorporate them into tie-back curtains at your window or on a draped bed. Even fashionable enough to accessorize a key chain, or your handbag. For the really daring, combine more than one fragrance for a truly unique experience.


Country of Origin: Made in USA

      Size: One Perfumed Tassel

      Not Tested on Animals - Contains No Animal Products

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