Allegro Bath Accessories

Mike + Ally

Mike & Ally Allegro Bath Accessories Moonglow Silver
  • $265.00

Allegro Bath Accessories

A beautiful interpretation of Agate, transformed into enamel.  Soft silver and ivory tones blend together to make a stunning collection.

***Made to order.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


Country of Origin:  Hand-painted in USA

Materials:  Made with painted enamel, creating a unique item every time.

Care:  Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth



Straight Wastebasket & Liner (8.75”L X 7”W X 11.5”H)

Long Tissue Box (Fits 4”H X 9”L Box)

Square Tumbler (3.5”W X 3.75”H)

Square Soap Dish (5.5”L X 4”W X 1.5”H)

Brush Holder (3.25”W X 4.25”H)

Short Square Container (3.75”W X 3.75”L X 4”H)

Tall Square Container (3.75”W X 3.75”L X 5”H)

Flat Towel Holder (8”L X 5”W X 2”H)


*Boutique Tissue (5.75”L X 5.25”W X 6”H) *Not Shown

*Box Pump (2.75”W X 8.25”H) *Not Shown

*Small Rectangle Tray (10”L X 6”W X 1.5”H) *Not Shown

*Medium Rectangle Tray (10”L X 15”WX 1.5”H) *Not Shown

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