AirEssence Scented Diffuser


AirEssence Bitter Orange
  • AirEssence Bitter Orange
  • AirEssence Lemon Verbena
  • AirEssence Lavender Rosemary
  • AirEssence Lime and Orange Blossoms
  • AirEssence Cedar Rose
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AirEssence Scented Diffuser

The finest home fragrance for every room in your home, and a wonderful gift for every occasion.  These generously sized and long lasting diffusers release aromatic essential oils into the surroundings.  Once the decorative hand-made flowers are inserted into the bottle, the perfume is drawn into the natural petals, changing them to the color of the oil.  Unlike reed diffusers that require one to "flip the sticks", the Sola flowers remain moist and fragrant, and the bottle remains clean from dirt and dust.

Each AirEssence Kit Includes:

  • One 7.4 oz (208 ml) Fragrance Bottle
  • One Crystal Tray
  • Two Balsa Wood Flowers

Country of Origin:  Made in USA


  • Bitter Orange - Agraria's signature fragrance is a complex subtle blend of Clove, the zest of Bitter Orange, and a touch of Cypress.
  • Lemon Verbena - Bright and brisk, evoking fresh lemon scented Verbena leaves, a touch of Carribean Lime, and hints of Rose and Jasmine.
  • Lavender & Rosemary - Unique and deeply aromatic blend of French Lavender with Italian Rosemary, enriched with Bergamont zest and English Amber.
  • Lime & Orange Blossoms - Exhilarating Lime and Orange Blossoms, surrounded by Honeysuckle,  Jasmine, Amber, Patchouli, and Oak Moss.
  • Cedar Rose - Warm woody and floral, this blend mixes Cedarwood with uniquely fragrant Damask Rose.  Surrounding the rose are hints of Violets and Lily of the Valley.

    Size:  Scale is Approximately (4.75" wide x 4.75" deep x 6.5" Tall)*

    *When the bottle is in the tray with the flowers inserted.

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